WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History
Brothers, Matt and Nate Parrish discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining, we look at influences that shaped the company, including projects and eras, attractions and themed lands, including architectural styles, and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co. has made over the years.

Thanks for downloading WEDWay Radio. This is your show about exploring the Disney parks and Disney history. This is your bonus episode #3 - The Universe elf Energy Pavilion.

On this episode we take a look at the recently closed Energy pavilion at Epcot. And to make this an even more complicated story we go back to an episode we made in 2009 (episode #20) where we discussed the Universe of Energy and Ellen's Energy Adventure. This show is a mix of contemporary content and retro WEDWay Radio content so enjoy the change in our approaches to podcasting.

Thanks again!

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Thank You for downloading WEDWay Radio. This is Season 8, bonus episode #2 - WDW Adventureland 1.0.

On this episode we take a look at Adventureland during the first few years of Walt Disney Worlds existence, including its shops, its attractions, its architecture and other features that made Adventureland unique.


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Thanks for downloading WEDWay Radio, this is your show on Disney history and Disney parks. This is Season 8, Bonus episode 1: Farewell Great Movie Ride.

On this episode we say goodbye to The Great Movie Ride, the once signature attraction at the Disney MGM Studio. This attraction takes with it an era of Disney theme park design unrivaled since the early 1980's.


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