WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History
Brothers, Matt and Nate Parrish discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining, we look at influences that shaped the company, including projects and eras, attractions and themed lands, including architectural styles, and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co. has made over the years.

Episode 56 of WEDway Radio features a delightful interview with someone who not only knows a lot about Walt Disney, but knew him personally, Michael Broggie.  The subject of this show focuses on the Carolwood Pacific Railroad and Walts Barn, which has been beautifully preserved in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  Michael shares personal stories about Walt and discusses the importance that the Carolwood Pacific had in the development of Disneyland.

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This week Matt and Nate look at the first commercially successful character at the Disney Studio and discuss how Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was created, was successful and ultimately lost.

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In this episode of WEDway Radio Matt and Nate return to Epcot and discover the details of an original World Showcase pavilion; Germany.  Although it doesn't have a ride or an attraction there isn't anything lacking about this particular pavilion.  From the Fairy-Tale setting, to the Statue of St. George, to the replica Kaufhaus, to the amazing attraction that managed to made it off the drawing board but was never built, Germany is an amazing place.   

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In this episode Matt and Nate bring on blogger to discuss the history of the Autopia in its different incarnations throughout Disneyland history and in other Disney theme parks.  Topics discussed include: Bob Gurr's influence, The Disney Afternoon Avenue, 

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WEDway Radio #052 - It's A Small World: 1964 Worlds Fair

In this episode Matt and Nate make their third installment in their Walt Disney and the 1964 Worlds Fair series by exploring the different influences and the Disney Imagineers that played a role in shaping one of Disney’s most beloved attractions: It’s A Small World.

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WEDway Radio #051 - The Disney Archives and the new Star Tours

Join Matt and Nate this week as we discuss some of the reveals from the recent Destination D event about the upcoming Star Tours 2.0, and why the Peoplemover track in Disneyland will not pass California safety standards. Then we are joined by another Disney Legend as Chief Archivist Dave Smith spends some time with us in his final two weeks before retiring as the founder of the Disney Archives. Dave lets us in on the history of the archives, what types of artifacts are held in the archives and tells some interesting stories regarding questions that people have written to the archives.

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WEDway Radio #050 - Meet Legendary Imagineer Rolly Crump.

Matt and Nate have the pleasure this week of discussing Disneyland from an Imagineers perspective with Disney Legend Rolly Crump.  Mr. Crump moved from Disney animation in 1959 and was intricately involved in such classic attractions as Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion and Mr. Toads Wild Ride.  Listen we explore some Disney history with someone who helped to create a great deal of it.  Thank you for supporting us through our first 50 episodes!

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WEDway Radio #049 - 50's Prime Time Cafe: repost

Matt and Nate go beyond a usual attraction study and take a look at one of the best themed restaurants in Walt Disney World; The 50's Prime Time Cafe.  The 50's Prime Time Cafe captures so much of what are nostalgic about when it comes to the 1950's; television, kitschy decor and home cooked food.  Listen as we discover the many details and influences that played a role in this amazing restaurant.  Also this week we look at the recently released Star Tours 2 video and the renovation of One Mans Dream exhibit/attraction at the Disney Hollywood Studios.  Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #048 - Disney California Adventure Update 2010

Matt and Nate take a look at the progress made at Disney California Adventure.  We originally looked at this topic in March of 2010, but much has changed since our original show covering the California Adventure expansion/refurbishment and Nate takes us on a tour through the changes after a recent trip.  

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Wedway Radio Episode 47 - Tour de Disneyland Paris!

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WEDway Radio #046 - Matts Thesis (An Attraction Study)

In Episode 46o Matt poses the question 'Which Disney Films Have Inspired the Most Attractions?' In true WEDway Radio fashion we set out to tour the parks and determine the origin of different attractions answer this question.  In the news this week we discuss the Last Tour of Endor which is rapidly approaching and the plans that Celebration V has for a final sendoff for Star Tours 1.0.  Also in the news we discuss a film, Waking Sleeping Beauty, that is touring the country.  The film examines the rise of Disney Feature Animation from its depths in the early 1980's to the release of The Lion King in 1994.  Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #045 - Disneyland 55th Anniversary Spectacular

In this episode, 55 years in the making, Matt and Nate celebrate Disneylands 55th anniversary by discussing the changes and transformations that Disneyland has gone through by examining the chronology of Disneylands attractions.  Everything from the headliner attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain and Star Tours as well as the lesser known like The Bathroom of Tomorrow and Mineral Hall are mentioned.  In addition to the parks history through attractions the different era's that shaped Disneyland are also examined.  In the news  Toy Story 3 and its rank in the Pixar lexicon is discussed. Enjoy

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WEDway Radio #044 - The World of Motion

In this episode Matt and Nate are joined by Jeff Chaney, a blogger for and panelist for the BetaMouse to look at a avorite attraction from the early days of Epcot Center, The World of Motion.  This Future World East pavilion was sponsored by GM and has a few of the same components that we discussed in episode 43 of WEDway Radio where we explored the Ford Pavilion at the 1964 Worlds Fair, or The Magic Skyway.  When the World of Motion closed in 1996 it ended a tradition of Disney designed attractions based on history, technology and entertainment and gave way to the more thrill type attractions as it was replaced by Testtrack.  The World of Motion is missed by many and we hope you will find this a fitting tribute. Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #043 - The Magic Skyway: 1964 Worlds Fair

Matt and Nate return from a short hiatus to revisit their series on Walt Disney and the 1964 Worlds Fair.  In this episode we explore probably the least known Disney created attraction at the fair; The Magic Skyway.  Sponsored by the Ford Motor Co, this attraction gave guests a look at the history of our planet using the wheel as a catalyst for advancement.  The ride system itself was a breakthrough on its own as Disney helped to create its prototype for the Omnimover, which would prove to be the dominant design in vehicle propulsion in Disney attraction over the next few decades.  While the attraction itself is unknown to most Disney fans, the legacy that it provided is enormous; not only in the ride design but in the show elements and style of presentation as well.  Attractions like World of Motion, The Universe of Energy, The Primeval World Diorama, Spaceship Earth, The Peoplemover and Horizons all owe a debt of gratitude to The Magic Skyway.

Also discussed on the show is the 20th anniversary of the film, Dick Tracy, and our thoughts on a specific element to the movies 1990 release.


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WEDway Radio #042 - Disney Legend Bob Gurr Interview

WEDway Radio is very excited to bring you this interview with Disney Legend and original Imagineer Bob Gurr.  Bob is said to have crafted nearly every attraction at Disneyland that has wheels and a motor.  He started working in the machine shop at Disney helping to create the Autopia in 1954 and from there worked on nearly every advanced attraction or vehicle at Disneyland and also at Walt Disney World including the Monorail and Submarines just to name a few.  

In the news this week we discuss Monsters Inc 2, cheap Sea World tickets, Free Dining, A new Toy Story Midway Mania game and more.  

Check out the all new


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WEDway Radio #041 - WDW Transportation

Matt and Nate return after a couple of weeks off with a show all about the different ways in which we get to the parks at Walt Disney World.  This episode is dedicated exclusively to Disney transportation.  From the early days at Walt Disney World, transportation systems were vast.  Remember your first ride on the monorail or the time you realized that Ferry was just as cool because of the great view it afforded of the different resorts?  Thats the type of discussion that we have on episode 41.  Also in this episode we announce the WEDway Radio contest winners!  Thats right, there are three. Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #040 - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln: 1964 World's Fair

In this episode Matt and Nate introduce a new series to WEDway Radio, Walt Disney and the 1964 World's Fair.  In this particular series we will go in depth on the four different attractions that Walt Disney was most responsible for at The Fair.  In this particular episode we discuss Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and tell the story of the attractions development as well as the different incarnations that the attraction went through.

In the news this week we discuss the new concept art for the new Italian pizzeria  at the Italy pavilion in Wold Showcase and the art for the redesigned and rebuilt new San Angel Cantina in the Mexico pavilion as well.


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WEDway Radio #039 - Ultimate Touring Plans (ENHANCED)

In this episode Matt and nate discuss a growing trend in the Disney community the ultimate touring plan (getting through all attractions within a theme park in a single day).  To accomplish this; Henry of returns to the show to discuss what the ultimate touring plan is, some strategies for completing and the rules that they have come up with in order to complete an official tour.  There is also some good discussion about touring the park as well.  Dont forget to sign up for the FIRST EVER WEDway Radio contest as well.  In the news this wee we discuss the planned closing of the Exposition Hall within the Magic Kingdom and what we think of its new tenant Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #038 - El Rio del Tiempo, Walt and El Grupo and The Gran Fiesta Tour

In this episode Matt and Nate remember the original Mexico attraction, El Rio del Tiempo.  From its Native American influence to its tropical get-away projection screens this attraction was a favorite of ours.  When the attraction closed in 2007 the Imagineers at Disney dug deep within the archives and brought back a feature than many had forgotten in The Three Caballeros.  Matt and Nate discuss the history of the film including the very interesting circumstances that brought Disney and his artists to South America in 1940 when the features Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros were inspired.  Also discussed in the episode is the new Disney Premier Pass that allows guest annual acces to all U.S. Disney Theme Parks.

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WEDway Radio #037 - Splash Mountain and our first birthday (ENHANCED)

Matt and Nate dive into Splash Mountain and discover its amazing story from the initial concept that was helped by the traffic on the Santa Ana freeway in LA to the near disastrous idea of synergizing thi attraction with the Touchstone Pictures release of Splash.  Also, you can't tell the story of Splash Mountain without getting into the politics of Disney's relationship with the films of the Jim Crow and so we briefly discuss Disney's legacy regarding their films and Splash Mountain's theming itself with the political correctness of the time.  Its an interesting topic and we ask a few important questions.  After that we go into the rich theming surrounding what many consider Disney's greatest attraction.  After this segment Matt and Nate thank the listeners for a year of support and go over a few personal highlights while telling how WEDway Radio came to be.  "Thank You Again." Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #036 - The Disneyland Hotel (ENHANCED)

In this ENHANCED episode Matt and Nate discuss one of the more overlooked areas of Disneylands history; The Disneyland Hotel. Throughout the history of Disneyland the Disneyland Hotel has grown from five two story buildings and a pool to one of the greatest destinations in Southern California. Through its different incarnations under its owner, entrepreneur Jack Wrather, flourished. While always adding to the resort feel the hotel hosted famous Hollywood celebrities and foreign dignitaries. Matt and Nate dish on the interesting happening and the current state and feel of the hotel as well. News as well. Enjoy

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WEDway Radio #035 - Wonders of Life (ENHANCED)

In this episode Matt and Nate discuss one of the most unique Future World pavilions; The Wonders of Life.  After its grand opening in 1989 the Wonders of Life boasted two major attractions and several hands on exhibits that had to do with health or the functions of the human body.  Both Cranium Command and Body Wars are discussed at length during this ENHANCED virtual tour through the now closer pavilion.  Although the attraction can still be entered during the Food and Wine events held in the pavilion much of the building has lost its original feel.  In the news the hosts discuss a possible high peed rail connecting Tampa and Florida and a new exhibition at Disney's California Adventure.  Enjoy!

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WEDway Radio #034 - Disney, The Super Bowl and The Olympics (ENHANCED)

The ENHANCED version of Episode 34.  In this episode Matt and Nate discover Disney's relationship with both the Super Bowl and The Olympics.

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WEDway Radio #033 - Disney Artist Tom Gilleon interview (repost with improved audio)

In this episode Matt and Nate are very pleased to be joined by Disney artist Tom Gilleon whose Disney career as a Disney artist began during the construction of Walt Disney World. Throughout his career he has contributed some amazing pieces of concept for World Showcase pavilions, Future World pavilions, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Sea and a wealth of other areas including some that never came to be such as Disneys America. Mr. Gilleon spends an hour on the air discussing his career filled with memorable stories of both projects and famous Disney artists such as Herb Ryman just to name one. In the news this week Walt Disney World has begun construction on the Best Friends Pet Resort across from Port Orleans. Also, Matt and Nate discuss a report that Disney is seeking to add more technology to the guest experience within theme park. Enjoy!!

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WEDway Radio #032 - DizCollect and GDPinvestigation (ENHANCED Version) In this ENHANCED podcast episode Matt and Nate focus on an area that many visitors to Disney theme parks are passionate about; and that is collectibles. Scott Barrett from joins the team to discuss his soon to be launched website which will allow users to track their entire collections online as well as view other collections. Next, the hosts are joined by Cody from the Global Disney Pinvestigation blog to talk about pin trading, vinylmation and Cody's exceptional blog which tells the story of many of the attractions at Disney theme parks around the world through Disney pins. Th In the news this week Disney's California Adventure expansion, Star Tours closings and a possible LOST attraction are all discussed.
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WEDway Radio #031 - Exploring Norway and The Maelstrom

Matt and Nate explore World Showcase's Norway pavilion including the Maelstrom attraction.

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