WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History
Brothers, Matt and Nate Parrish discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining, we look at influences that shaped the company, including projects and eras, attractions and themed lands, including architectural styles, and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co. has made over the years.


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Thanks for downloading WEDWay NOW! on the Big Screen.  This is YOUR show about the films and film news of Walt Disney Pictures and Animation, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm.  This is episode #30.


On this episode we discuss

 - Sister Acts remake

 - Petes Dragon news

 - Beauty and The Beast live action news

 - Spiderman Casting

 - Ant Man trailers

 - The Lucky Dinosaur teaser


And more!

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Thanks for downloading WEDWay Radio.  This is YOUR show about Disney Parks and Disney History.  This is Season 7:  Episode 1 - If You Had Wings.  

On this episode of WEDWay Radio we take a look at one of the (almost) original attractions to Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland - If You Had Wings.  This is attraction is one of the storied attractions of Disney's past as it was unique to WDW, and utilized the somewhat overlooked projection attraction technology that was so apparent in late 60's - 70's and 80's attractions. Also, the song is pretty cool.

Enjoy this episode and enjoy Season 7!

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