WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History
Brothers, Matt and Nate Parrish discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining, we look at influences that shaped the company, including projects and eras, attractions and themed lands, including architectural styles, and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co. has made over the years.

On this episode of WEDWay Radio Matt and Nate take a stab at a year in review show. However, we can't just do a normal Year in Review show.  Thats not our style.  Its probably a subject that fits Wedway NOW!. Instead we decided to do a Year in Review Show about an important year in Disney history - 1983.

Thats right, 1983 was an important year in that it was important for the theme parks, the movie division, innovation and the stability of the company.

This was a year in which we saw the emergence of the Disney Channel, new attractions like Horizons and Journey into Imagination debuted at Epcot.  Fantasyland in Disneyland reopened with new authentic looking fairy tale theme. It was also a year in which Disney launch laser disc's (No Carousel of Progress jokes please), 16mm educational films.  Tokyo Disneyland opened as well.

Enjoy this twist on a Year in Review Show.

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