WEDway Radio - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History
Brothers, Matt and Nate Parrish discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining, we look at influences that shaped the company, including projects and eras, attractions and themed lands, including architectural styles, and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co. has made over the years.

On this episode of WEDWay Radio we take a look at some of the "other" Disney sites around the country that may tell the story of Walt Disney and the Disney company as well.   

In the last thirty years Disneyland has become not only the worlds premier theme park, but a place filled with nostalgia.  It appreciates its past while moving forward with newer and more innovative attractions.  Several years after Walt Disney passed away the company began to dedicate space to preserving the legacy of not only the park, but of the man himself.  'The Legacy of Walt Disney' sat at the end of Main Street and the Walt Disney story ran in the Opera House.  

And, about ten years ago, Walt Disney World began a similar practice.  While it had run the Walt Disney Story in its Exposition Center, it hadn't really been a monument to Walt Disney or to the company until 2001 when One Mans Dream, the then temporary exhibit to showcase the 100 years of Magic campaign for Walt Disneys 100th birthday.
At some point you have probably considered the circumstances for the major advancements in the life of Walt Disney and of the company. On this episode we take a look at some of these historical sites, including:
  • Marceline, MO
  • Los Angeles and the many homes and studios of Disney
  • Griffith Park and Walts Barn
  • San Francisco for Walt Disney Family Museum
  • Kansas City and the early landmarks 

Enjoy this episode and Enjoy the holidays

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